Bambino is so much more than just a kindergarten, we become family.

Johan and Helena Bredenhand, founders of Bambino, had a dream and opened the kindergarten in 1975 with 20 children.

Today, the dream lives on with their daughter Tania at the helm.

Bambino is a Christian based educational institute that provides a safe, healthy, civil and stimulation learning environments for all learners. We take your child in as our own and help them to develop body, soul, and spirit to their full potential.

Our vision is to make every learner feel special with love and attention. At Bambino we strive to offer parents peace of mind. Safety is our number 1 priority. Along with this, the learner’s health, intellectual growth, and educational stimulation are equally important to us.



18 Months to 4 Years

All the classes at Bambino aim to follow this curriculum from 18 months to 4 years old:


  • Bible time
  • Weather / Day / Month / Date
  • Classical Mathematics
  • Music and Movement
  • Theme Discussion
  • Creative Activities
  • Cleaning and Toilet Routine
  • Refreshments
  • Outside play and Toilet routine
  • Educational (Numbers, Literacy, Construction)
  • Language / Poems / Sounds / Story
  • Lunch time
  • Rest time
  • Snack time / Toilet routine
  • Outside play 1
  • Outside play 2
  • Cleaning / Toilet routine


4 to 5 Years

The 4-to-5-year group follows the CAPS Curriculum:-

  • Morning Circle
  • Life skills Focus circle: Discussion circle
  • Stretch and Stretch: Run outside to get rid of energy
  • Mathematics Focus time: Large group session
  • Mathematics Focus Circle: Guided Group Session
  • Afrikaans Focus time: Group work 5 Creative Activities
  • Afrikaans Focus Circle: Independent play
  • Clean up
  • Toilet Routine
  • Refreshments
  • Home language (Afrikaans / English) Focus circle: Large group session Shared Reading
  • Home language (Afrikaans/English) Focus Circle: Guided Reading
  • Clean up
  • Outside play
  • Toilet Routine
  • Life skills Focus time
  • Home language (Afrikaans): Language development and Storytime
  • Lunch
  • Rest time
  • Tuck Shop / Toilet routine
  • Outside play 1
  • Outside play 2
  • Cleaning and Toilet Routine


5 to 6 Years (Grade R)

The 5-to-6-year (Grade R) group follows the CAPS Curriculum:-

  • Morning Circle
  • Life skills Focus circle: Discussion circle
  • Stretch and Stretch: Run outside to get rid of energy
  • Mathematics Focus Circle: Large group session
  • Mathematics Focus Circle: Guided Group Session
  • Mathematics Focus Time: Group Work 5 Creative Activities
  • Mathematics Focus Circle: Independent play
  • Clean up
  • Toilet Routine
  • Refreshments
  • Home language: Focus circle: Large group session Shared Reading
  • Home language: Focus Circle: Guided Reading
  • Home language: Focus circle: Group work 5 Creative Activities
  • Home language: Focus circle: Independent play
  • Clean up
  • Outside play
  • Clean up
  • Toilet Routine
  • Life skills Focus time
  • Home language (Afrikaans): Language development and Story Time
  • Lunch
  • Rest time
  • Tuck Shop / Toilet routine
  • Outside play 1
  • Outside play 2




(12 months to 2 years | “Pottie Train”)

This is the 12 months to 2 years and 6 months class. The Owl class is better known as the Bambino “potty train” class. Here it is the job of the patient Teacher and Assistant to help the learners with the big step from nappy to toilet with the “ensuite” potties at their disposal. As far as possible from this class we try to follow the new curriculum as detailed under Curriculum.



(2 tot 3 years)

The Butterfly class is for 2- to 3-year-olds who have already taken the independent step from diapers to toilet. The Butterfly class fully follows the curriculum.



(3 to 4 years)

The Bear class is for our learners from 3- to 4-year-old. The Bear class fully follows the curriculum.



(3 tot 4 years)

The Bunny class is for our learners from 3- to 4-year-old. The Bunny class fully follows the curriculum.



(4 to 5 years)

The Panda class is for our learners from 3- to 4-year-old. The Panda class fully follows the curriculum.



(4 to 5 years)

The Penguins class is for our learners from 4 -to 5- years -old. The Penguins class fully follows the curriculum.



(Gr R)

The Pirate class is for our Gr R learners from 5- to 6- years- old. The Pirate class fully follows the curriculum to finally prepare our learners for the first big school day in their lives. Here we try to replicate the school conditions so that they can get used to the routine that is maintained in the big school.


We offer the following incredible standard facilities:

  • Full access control to keep your children safe until you come to pick them up in person.
  • A modern kitchen where delicious meals and cold drinks are prepared fresh daily as outlined by the Department of Health.
  • Bathrooms with low sinks and low toilets so that the children can be always monitored.
  • A wonderful TV room where the children can watch television, early mornings before 07h15 and at 17h00.
  • A large fenced off play area where all the children can play safely on equipment that is safe for the different ages, under the watchful eyes of our skilled teachers and ‘tannies’. The sand in the sand pit is replaced regularly with new sand, as per Department of Health regulations.


All application forms for our Extramural activities are available at the office.

There are so many activities to choose from, and we believe and trust that there will be something that every parent and his or her child will be interested in.

EduKinetics 082 307 1386 | hello@edukinetics.com
Rugga Roots Deon Thiart | 084 339 5333 | deon@ruggaroots.co.za
Ballet Jaquilene Academy of Dance | 073 809 4789 | jad.academyofdance@gmail.com
Swimming Tiny waves swimming | 082 676 1606 | twscapegate@gmail.com


This is a list of Professionals that Bambino uses to help your child if necessary. These persons come to the Bambino premises for your convenience.

Speech Therapist Rika Janse van Rensburg - 084 224 5441 | 021 975 3696
19 Somerset Crescent, Durbanville
Counselling Psychologist Rose-Hannah Brown - 021 987 0111/7
Cape Gate Therapy Practice, 52 Tanner Street, Brackenfell
Occupational Therapist Maretha Labuschagne - 021 987 0111/7 | 082 552 6569
Cape Gate Therapy Practice, 52 Tanner Street, Brackenfell



Arrival and Departure times

  • Bambino opens at 06:30 and closes promptly at 17:30 (Full Day Times). A fine will be charged if parents arrive late - R 50 per 15 minutes or part thereof.
  • Please keep the security gate closed at all times. The bell must be pressed to gain access to the school. It is very important that you close the gate behind you to try to always ensure safety. There are also cameras on the premises, as well as in classrooms and playground.
  • The children go to the TV room from 06:30 to 07:15 to wait for their teacher. After that they will be taken to their classes. Bags are taken directly to class.
  • Contact us if you cannot come and collect your child yourself. In such a case, you must give us the person's identity number by phone and the person concerned must come and collect your child with his identity document. No child shall accompany persons without this arrangement. It is your duty as a parent to ensure that your child will be safe and that we can prepare the child in advance who will come to collect him/her.


Refreshments and Meals

  • Cooked porridge e.g., Maize porridge, Mabela, Oatmeal is served Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays cereal flakes are served from 08:00 to 08:30. No other porridge will be allowed. No child will be allowed to eat any other food during porridge time.
  • Refreshments at 10:00 consist of rooibos tea and biscuits, at 14:00 Mondays to Thursday’s fruit and at 16:00 soft drinks with sandwiches. Fridays are snack day, where learners can buy something from the tuck shop.
  • Lunch: We prepare our meals according to the instructions of the Department of Health and Welfare. Cooked meals are as follows:

Macaroni and Minced Meat / Baked Rice Dish / Fishcakes with Mash

Meatballs, Mash, Pumpkin, Rice, Coleslaw / Sweet carrots

Curry and Rice / Macaroni and Cheese / Chicken Macaroni / Sweet Potato

Shepherd's Pie, Rice, Pumpkin, Beetroot Salad / Chicken Curry

Cabbage stew / Tomato stew / Soup / Pumpkin fritters / Green bean stew

These foods are alternated and not linked to the specific days.


Clothing and other necessities

  • Parents are requested to send an extra set of clothes (seasonal) in a small bag that is clearly marked.
  • Potty trainers must send enough extra underpants / "panties" which are marked.
  • Those who are in nappies must not send less than 6 nappies. A powder, bum cream and wet wipes must please be clearly marked in the bag.
  • No wheel suitcases are allowed.
  • You can send a blanket and pillow to school in the winter months. (Clearly marked please)
  • Stationary is purchased by the school.  At the end of the year an amount will be given for the different age groups and will be payable before the end of January next year.
  • We bear no responsibility if clothes go missing and are not marked.


Bambino Fees

Fees are payable monthly in advance on the first day of each month, but no later than the seventh of the current month for which the fees are payable. These monthly fees are increased every year in the month of June. Fees are still payable even if the child is on holiday.

Our fees for 2022 to June 2023 are as follows:

  • Full Day (06:30 to 17:30) R2850 per month per child
  • Half Day (06:30 to 13:00) R2550 per month per child

Bambino reserves the right to refuse your child at any time if funds are not up to date. Interest will be charged after 7 days at 15.5%. Fees can be paid via the internet.

Our Bank Details are:
FNB Brackenfell Cheque Account
628 70308 311
Bank Code: 201210
Reference: reference code

You must give Bambino one calendar months’ notice if you decide to remove your child from Bambino’s care, as well as Grade R children who go to Big School next year. In the event of default, you will be held responsible for the rate for one month as if your child was in our care.

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General Information

Discipline at Bambino
Discipline of children remains the primary task of their parents. Each preschooler will be equipped with a Discipline record card. Parents are notified about the way we discipline children and punishments that will be applied when rules are broken.

Every day on WhatsApp, feedback is given in groups about the day’s activities and themes.  We also communicate by email.  To check-in with the Teacher of Principal please arrange an appointment in advance

Continuous assessment is done. Children who have less than 75% attendance do not receive a report.

Parent Evenings
A parent meeting will be held twice a year to discuss matters of importance. Parents, we follow an open-door policy, and you can freely come and discuss any matters regarding your child's education with us.

Children with infectious sickness must stay at home until the infectious period is over.

A birthday is a big event, and we like to share in it. Mums or Dads can arrange for us to have a party and are welcome to come themselves. We request as far as possible that all parties are held after 14:00 as we do not want to spoil the lunch.

No toys may come to school. It will be taken away from them and not returned. Please do not take the school's toys and books home with you. If this ever happens by accident, we kindly ask that you please return it.

All medicines must be recorded in the medicine book and your signature must accompany it as the Act requires it. We may not administer medication at all if it is not recorded. If you need any further information, please contact us.

Hair Contamination
The children's hair is checked every Monday to prevent hair contamination. You will be notified immediately to collect your child and only be allowed to return once the hair has been treated and is clean.


Goedehoop Avenue 6, Brackenfell,
Western Cape, 7560, South Africa
Tel 021 981 2434
Faks 021 981 2434

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